We work in the frontline of the Amazon rainforest deforestation frontier enabling indigenous and non-indigenous native communities to live sustainably in their own territories.

The situations we deal with include:

1. Local forest communities dealing with unsustainable sources of income, vulnerable to climate change drives and with shrinking populations due to lack of access to healthcare and subject to modern forms of slavery.

2. Territories of pristine rainforests with rising rates of deforestation and criminal invasions for land grabbing.

3. Land conflicts arising from uncertainties of land tenure in the Amazon and from unsustainable infrastructure projects by local governments.

What we are doing:

1. We provide free services in various fields offering support for forest communities committed to initiatives that promote a sustainable use of natural resources and cultural revival initiatives rooted in local nature’s sacredness.

2. We design alternative solutions to conflicts over land allocation in a context of expanding agricultural and roads infrastructure frontiers, including land buy-backs for indigenous communities.

3. We give support on the ground for various institutions committed to innovative solutions for rainforest conservation and restoration including mediation with local communities for the creation of common goals and collective processes.